Fact # 68

95% of people used to believe that the moon was following their car when they were kids.

Fact # 67

Hemp products are 100 times stronger and lasts 100 times longer than cotton made products.

Fact # 66

There are 300 registered Superheroes living in the United States.

Fact # 65

Bruce Lee was so fast that they had to slow the film down so you could see his moves.

Fact # 64

People will be more willing to do something for you if you ask them in their right ear.

Fact # 63

Almost 70,000 thoughts hit the mind of an average person everyday.

Fact # 62

"Swims" upside down still looks like "Swims."

Fact # 61

If you search for "Google Gravity" and press "I'm Feeling Lucky" the page will fall apart.

Fact # 60

The #1 most shoplifted book of all time? THE BIBLE.

Fact # 59

Singing helps reduce feelings of depression and anxiety, increases oxygen to your lungs and helps better posture.